More Bug Fixes

Slackware-Current has more bug fixes coming on these days and most of them are the results of bug reports that happened on LQ. Pat has been quite active lately answering and giving his thoughts about the comments, opinion, and suggestions to what other members has shown in the last few days.

Here are some of the summary:
- ed, zsh, and xfce4-weather-plugins are upgraded
- etc rebuilt to remove broken file in /etc/skel
- logrotate rebuilt to fix cron script
- sysvinit-scripts rebuilt to handle /dev/root properly
- udev rebuilt to handle kernel config not properly configured (for those who are using custom kernel)
- emacs rebuilt not to use GConf
- gvfs rebuilt not to be started in installation script
- libpng rebuilt to fix security vulnerabilities
- network-manager-applet rebuilt to use GTK+2
- xfwm4 rebuilt to modify xinitrc.xfce due to changes in the XFCE
- bash-completion rebuilt to understand slackpkg and slapt-get

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