Tuesday, July 31, 2012

JRE/JDK SlackBuilds Re-Added

Since Oracle has changed it's license on Java for redistributable package, the JRE and JDK package in Slackware hasn't been updated since then and it has been removed in -Current on previous batch of update, but finally Pat decided to put the SlackBuilds back again on extra/source/. There will be no packages on that directory, just the SlackBuild to create a native Slackware packages from the binary package which can be downloaded from Oracle's website.

Other than that, some of the desktop environments were rebuilt to start D-BUS on xinitrc. This should reflect changes on the latest Slackware-Current development where they completely removed HAL and switch to D-BUS.

udev is rebuilt to add /run directory since it was supposed to be located in aaa_base, but many users using slackpkg will have this package blacklisted by default and it could cause some problems later on. gsetting is rebuilt because it requires a different directory for 32/64 machines on /usr/lib, and libdbusmenu-qt is also rebuilt to relocate the documentation from /usr/share/doc to /usr/doc. Finally, iproute2 is rebuilt to remove unused config files.

One package gets upgraded and that is curl.