Happy Birthday to Slackware Linux

Slackware Linux 1.0 was first released 19 years ago in form of 24 floppy disks by Patrick Volkerding while he was stil a student in Minnesota State University Moorhead.

It's now considered as one of the oldest Linux distribution currently being maintained. Patrick is the BDFL for Slackware Linux throughout the entire project, even though more and more people joined the Slackware Team and contribute to this project.

Today, Slackware celebrate it's 19th birthday and i think it would be a perfect timing if we could have Slackware 14 on this wonderful moment, but unfortunately it's not possible. Even though -Current is now stabilizing, there are still some things to do before we can have Slackware 14 ready for public.

Slackware has become my main operating system on most of my machines. I like the way Slackware was developed and maintained. It maintains it's KISS philosophy from the early start of the release up to latest release and i think it will keep that way. This brings a huge benefit of it's user because they don't have to re-learn to use Slackware if they have previously used Slackware in the past. It still uses the ncurses-based installer, default to text login, and many others. Happy Birthday to Slackware and best wishes from Indonesia :)

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