Aegisub SlackBuild

For some time, i have downloaded lots of movies and subtitles, but there are times when the timing of the subtitle isn't right and it's kinda pretty hard work to edit the timing one by one. I need a tool that can help me with this task and Aegisub is the perfect choice. The good news is that it's available on multiplatform (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

So, last night, i decided to try to build a SlackBuild for this package. It requires some new dependencies that are not yet available on next Slackware 14 release, so i have pushed them on my SlackHacks repository this morning after re-testing all of the SlackBuilds.

Here are the requirements:
  • PulseAudio (optional) 
  • OpenAL (optional) 
  • PortAudio (optional) 
  • libass (optional) 
    • enca (optional) 
    • harfbuzz (optional) 
  • lua (optional) 
  • wxWidgets + wxStyledTextCtrl 
  • FFmpegSource / ffms (optional) 
  • Scintilla
If you have wxWidgets from SlackBuilds projects, you might want to check the difference with the SlackBuild i made. The changes will build the wxStyledTextCtrl which is not built by the default SlackBuild in SBo project and it turned out to be a mandatory requirement for Aegisub.

Here is the screenshot i took this morning with Battleship subtitle as an example:

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