Slackware 14 Pre Orders

For those who's interested with Slackware 14, Slackware Store has a good news for you. They are now taking pre-orders for Slackware 14, both in CDROM sets or DVD sets (dual 32/64 bit edition). Both CDROM and DVDROM sets cost you about $ 49.95, so i guess you should go with the DVD version, but that's up to you actually :)

This is one way to help Slackware Project to survive in the future, but you can help in other ways too, such as helping testing packages in -Current, helping others when they have problems with Slackware, bringing up a local community to support local Slackware users, and many more. Even answering or asking in LQ is probably one of the best method to support Slackware.

We are all anxious about when will Slackware 14 be released, because it has been more than a year without any release, but i have no doubt that Slackware 14 will be as solid as past releases, but with more features of course :)

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