Next Slackware Release: Slackware 14

It has been confirmed that the next Slackware release will have a version number of 14. Pat has upgraded aaa_base and bumped /etc/slackware-version to 14. Basically this is the final confirmation about the release version of Slackware, but NOT meaning that Slackware 14 is released. There are still some time before Slackware 14 can be released as a stable release.

There are a huge list of changes in today's update, such as new kernel packages, gcc 4.7.1, KDE 4.8.4, lots of WiFI driver removals, several new applications gets introduced, library updates, and also development tools/library major updates, such as Python 2.7.3. There are too many of them to list here, but you can just see all of them in the ChangeLog.

There are still some packages left which i hoped to be included in Slackware tree before it gets released, such as:
  • Gimp 2.8
  • GTK+3
  • GTK+2 updates (with all of it's related packages)
  • XFCE 4.10
Any other application you would like to be included in Slackware which is already available on Slackware-Stable ? I can't guarantee that your wish list will be granted, since the decision is on Pat, not me :)

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