New Package Added: iftop

Pat has added a new package into Slackware-Current and that is iftop and it's used to display bandwidth usage on an interface. Besides this new package, Pat also updated several other packages such as slacktrack, gmp, libpcap, tcpdump, traceroute, libX11, and fixing xscreensaver by using the old xscreensaver-getimage-file from previous version to avoid more dependencies added.

Some words has been said by Eric on his blog post about how the server has been moved to another server and the website is coming alive again, but finally Patrick himself said a word about this in more detail about who's the one working on the code and in the infrastructure. He also appreciate all the ideas of porting, hardware donations, and other support for the website and also to the Slackware project itself. Unfortunately there are no spesific answers given on the ChangeLog. Perhaps we will see the results someday in the future.

Viva la vie Slackware!

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