More Bug Fixes and Improvements

Another update has landed on -Current and things are going progressively positive. A lot of bug reports has been closed day by day, including with this update.

Several basic applications are now upgraded to the latest one, including acl, attr, file, coreutils, dcron, kbd, less, logrotate, sdparms, xfsprogs, diffutils, lsscsi, and sudo.

There has been some changes in this batch, so please be careful:
  • A new package has been introduced: kmod to replace module-init-tools. First, installpkg kmod, then removepkg module-init-tools, and then use installpkg kmod once again just to make sure everything is working as intended (i learned from previous mistake)
  • ntfs-3g now already includes tools from ntfsprogs, which is now removed, so please apply the same routines as describes above, installpkg ntfs-3g, removepkg ntfsprogs, installpkg ntfs-3g. Also this new changes will make a symlink to mount.ntfs-3g, so no need to create any symlink again and NTFS drives will be mounted in read/write condition afterwards.
  • libusb are now split into two packages: libusb and libusb-compat. Upgrade libusb first, and then install libusb-compat
  • It's not mentioned in the ChangeLog and this only applies to 32 bit tree: Pat accidentally put x86_64 packages for recordmydesktop in 32 bit directory, so if you have installed that package previously, you might want to perform upgradepkg to the correct recordmydesktop package.

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