KDE 4.9 RC1 for Slackware-Current

KDE team has announced KDE 4.9 RC1, just a day after they decided to tag and release their tarballs sources to the KDE packagers. This might be frustating for the packagers to provide a package to it's users, but fortunately, Eric has made it so that KDE 4.9 RC1 packages for Slackware(-Current) users  are now ready at his KTown repository.

Please note that there are three new dependencies compared to previous Beta release, and they are akonadi, soprano, and shared-desktop-ontologies). They are located in the deps/ directory.

What's nice about this RC is that it should fix incompatibilities with Slackware-current’s new attica and python packages. After upgrading to KDE 4.9 RC 1, you can remove the old attica-0.3 and stays compatible with Slackware-Current (and slackpkg will not complaint anymore).

It seems that Slackware 14 will be shipping with KDE 4.8.x (it could be .4 or .5 later if it's decided to be released by KDE team) and not KDE 4.9 since it still need time to be considered stable enough for mass deployment. IMHO, they are stable enough, but my opinion might be different with Pat's decision. Anyway, you can upgrade to KDE 4.9 maintained by Eric, so no big deal.

You can get them at these repositories:

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