KDE 4.9 Beta 2 Released

KDE team has released KDE 4.9 Beta 2 and this will be the final Beta release before they will start hard freeze period by releasing two RC releases and the followed by the final version of KDE 4.9. According to the release schedule, if everything goes smoothly, it should be out to public on August 1.

There are still lots of things to be tested in this version, so KDE team called another bug hunting session for this release following their Beta 1 bug testing initiative call. We hoped that everything listed in the Feature Plan can be integrated and released by the time KDE 4.9 gets released.

Eric has packaged KDE 4.9 Beta 2 for Slackware-Current users on his KTown repository and on this release, there are two added dependencies, soprano and shared-desktop-ontologies, compared to Beta 1. These two packages were added in the last minute, but just before the final release, so it could make it.

Please note that there has been a reorganization in the KTown repository structure. Now, all KDE sources (from 4.6.5 up to 4.8.90) goes into source directory. Eric has also added KDE 4.7.4 sources which is the last stable KDE that can be compiled against Slackware 13.37 without adding too many new dependencies. All binary packages will goes into 13.37 and current directory so that people won't be confused again. In the past, even though it has been mentioned on the README, people didn't read it and just upgrade the packages for -Current into -Stable release and got a broken system and blame Eric for a broken package or blame KDE for a bad release.

You can get the KDE packages from this mirror sites:

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