KDE 4.8.4 Released

The monthly update for KDE stable release: 4.8.4 has been released by KDE and Eric Hameleers has provided the Slackware native packages for public on his KTown repository.

This is probably the last series for KDE 4.8.4, even though there might be an option to add another series for KDE 4.8.5 because there might be some time gap before KDE 4.9 gets stable releases. It will be decided later, but for now, just enjoy the latest KDE stable release.

Grab it on one of these mirrors:
Don't forget that these packages are built against -Current, so make sure you have been running -Current before upgrading to these release.

Eric Hameleers also have KDE 4.9 Beta 1 packages if you want to test it. I have been using it personally on all of my machines i own and so far, i haven't had any single problems with it. It's stable enough for me.

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