Updated GStreamer and gst-plugins-*

I have committed several new SlackBuilds script on my SlackHacks repository and they are a collection of updated SlackBuild script for GStreamer and gst-plugins-{base, good, bad, ugly}. All of them are just updated version from the official SlackBuild script found in the Slackware repository and also SBo project repository.

Actually i needed this packages because after upgrading to Linux Kernel 3.4, amaroK doesn't play MP3 files anymore. I don't know the reason, but i tried to change the Backend settings to VLC, MPlayer, and Xine without luck. I tried to use GStreamer, but it complaint for something (i kinda forgot), so i decided to try upgrading my base GStreamer and also all of the gst-plugins and now i can use the GStreamer Phonon backend on my system and amaroK plays MP3 files nicely again.

On my system, i rebuilt amaroK after upgrading all the GStreamer and gst-plugins packages. I just want to make sure amaroK are linked to the correct libraries.

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