SlackHacks Update

I just wanted to give you some updates about my SlackHacks repository. First, i would like to remind you that SlackHacks will only host updated version of SlackBuild from official Slackware or SlackBuilds project that are tested for Slackware-Current. This means that SlackBuilds that are hosted in SlackHacks are not permanent.

If one of the upstream (Slackware/SlackBuilds) has updated their SlackBuild scripts collection which has the same version with the one on my SlackHacks, i will delete my SlackBuild. This will make less confusion and people will have to find them on upstream sources. I can make an exception for this, and that's when a new patch is needed to work on Slackware-Current and it's not available on Slackware/SlackBuilds repository.

Secondly, i would like to announce some removal that has happened on my SlackHacks due to updates on SlackBuilds. One of the package that got removed was OpenCV which has been updated on SBo to the latest version. Since the SlackBuild works for -Stable and -Current, i removed my updated SlackBuild on my SlackHacks.

Do you have any idea about packages that it's SlackBuilds are not yet available on Slackware or SlackBuilds project ? Let me know and if possible, i can add them on my SlackHacks repository.

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