Perl 5.16 Bug Hunting

For those who uses Slackware-Current, you might notice that yesterday, Pat decided to upgrade to Perl 5.16 and of course, there *might* be some broken package due to this migration and some of those problems has been reported to Pat and has been fixed on today's update, but there are still a lot of packages need to be tracked. Pat already mentioned some of them on the Changelog, such as git, imagemagick, linuxdoc-tools, net-snmp, obexftp, perlkde, perlqt, pidgin, pilot-link, subversion, and swig.

Pat can use your help to confirm whether you encountered any problem after upgrading to Perl 5.16 when using the above applications or even better, other applications that are part of default Slackware-Current packages that gets broken after the upgrade to Perl 5.16. Let's just call this Perl 5.16 Bug Hunting session. Please note that you should be using Slackware{64}-Current to be able to participate this session.

Some of the packages already gets upgraded/rebuilt on this batch and more to follow in the near future (hopefully).

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