New Poll

I just realized that i forgot to make a new poll after they were stopped on April and i promised to set a new one on May. So sorry. I really forgot about this. I was busy with my SlackHacks and also due to Slackware-Current recent updates, my focus was on upgrading my machines to the latest version.

So, here's a new poll that will be running for the next two months and the topic is about Slackware's Website. We all know that the official web site of Slackware Linux has been up and down lately and people have been scared that it might be a sign of Slackware is dying (which is not relevant at all IMHO). Well, i wanted to find out what is the meaning of Slackware's Website for you guys?

I possibly can't give any possible answers, so if your answers is not listed on the options list, you may pick others and give your answers in the comment area. I can't add it once someone voted for the poll, but i will try to count every answers you have written when the poll finished on July.

Happy Voting !!

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