New Package on SlackHacks: mysql-workbench

I have added a new version of mysql-workbench (5.2.39) on my SlackHacks along with it's build order and dependency list. It appears that there's one new package that is not available on SBo yet, which is ctemplate. I have created a SlackBuild script for that package and now it also resides on my SlackHacks repository.

I have tried to track every dependencies required for this package, but since some of them may already be installed on my machine, i may not notice it. Let me know if there's some missing requirements that are not listed below:
- lua (available on Slackware)
- wxGTK-2.8.12/wxPython-2.8.12 (available on SBo)
- sqlite3 (available on Slackware)
- ORBit2 (available on Slackware)
- GConf (available on Slackware)
- libsigc++-2.2.10
- glibmm-2.32.0
- cairomm-1.10.0
- pangomm-2.28.4
- gtkmm-2.24.2
- ctemplate-2.2
- paramiko- (available on SBo)
  - pycrypto-2.5
- pexpect-2.3

Update: (May 12): Yesterday, Walesa informed me that MySQL Workbench requires SSH Tunnel Manager and it's not working on the package created by my SlackBuild script. I debugged it and found the problem. It seems that it requires paramiko (which depends on pycrypto), so i updated the README to add additional dependency. Since paramiko in SBo is already at the latest version, i don't have to add them into my SlackHacks, so i just added updated version of pycrypto-2.5 (pycrypto in SBo is still at 2.3).

One more thing. I added some note about changing how MySQL accept incoming connection. Since by default Slackware configuration, MySQL was  set up to deny accepting incoming connection from outside, you will have problem using MySQL Workbench since it uses SSH tunnel manager which creates a connection into your own machine but treated like an incoming connection. In order to fix this, you must allow MySQL to accept incoming connection by editing /etc/rc.d/rc.mysqld and comment this line
and then restart your MySQL Daemon by issuing:
/etc/rc.d/rc.mysqld stop
/etc/rc.d/rc.mysqld start

Here's a screenshot of the new MySQL Workbench:

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