New Linux Printer Driver on SlackHacks

One of the Indonesian Slackware Community asked for driver for his Canon printer, Canon Pixma MP 287. He found a source for the driver, but unfortunately there's no SlackBuild for it, so i tried to create a SlackBuild script for it using the idea of how ArchLinux created their PKGBUILD. Luckily, the conversion works and now it has been uploaded to my SlackHacks repository.

This driver supports a variety of Canon Pixma series, particularly:
  • mp250 
  • mp280
  • mp495
  • mg5100
  • ip4800
  • mg5200
  • mg6100
  • mg8100
Please note that you need to specify the model when you are building it. For example, to build a driver for mp250, you would execute the SlackBuild like this:

MODEL=mp250 ./cnijfilter.SlackBuild
Let me know if you use this driver and it works (or it doesn't work) so i can improve it in the future.

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