More VMWare Modules on Linux Kernel

There's a good news from VMWare for their users. Andrew Stiegmann, representing VMWare has announced a RFC for inclusion of two VMWare modules into the Linux Kernel,Virtual Machine Communication Interface (vmw_vmci) and VMCI Sockets (vmw_vsock) kernel modules. This announcement was sent to Linux Kernel Mailing List and it consists of 11 patches in total.

When these two modules gets included in the Linux Kernel, that means less patches will have to be developed by third party whenever new major kernel released by Linus as it has been included in the kernel itself and it will stays compatible with the VMWare products. Don't expect this to come in Linux Kernel 3.4, because the best chance for this module to get accepted is Linux Kernel 3.5 merge window and that if he didn't miss it and Linus is willing to accept it.

Oh, i love this great news. Whenever there's a new Linux Kernel release by Linus, there are two things that i have to watch out, NVidia driver and VMWare. When this modules gets included, my problems will be lessen and it will be an enjoyful Linux Kernel upgrade process.

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