Linux Kernel 3.4 Released

After having 7 RC releases, finally Linus Torvalds is convinced with the development of Linux Kernel 3.4 and just pushed out Linux Kernel 3.4 and announce it on Linux Kernel Mailing List.

There was a last-minute changes from Peter Alvin about the GNU ld bug, but Linus took the patch anyway.

As always, please read Kernel Newbies entry for Linux Kernel 3.4 for human-readable ChangeLog. The major highlights on Linux Kernel 3.4 are:
  1. Btrfs updates
    1. Btrfs: Repair and data recovery tools
    2. Btrfs: Metadata blocks bigger than 4KB
    3. Btrfs: Performance improvements
    4. Btrfs: Better error handling
  2. GPU drivers
    1. GPU: Early support of Nvidia GeForce 600 'Kepler
    2. GPU: Support for RadeonHD 7xxx and Trinity APU series
    3. GPU: Support of Intel Medfield graphics
  3. New X32 ABI: 64 bit mode with 32 bit pointers
  4. x86 cpu driver autoprobing
  5. Verifiable boot path with the device mapper "verity" target
  6. Support a external read-only device as origin source of a thin provisioned LVM volume
  7. perf: GTK2 report GUI, better assembly visualization, branch profiling, filtering of users and threads
  8. 'Yama' security module
  9. QNX6 filesystem

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