KDE 4.8.3 and LibreOffice 3.5.3 Packages

Eric Hameleers has pushed two updates for Slackware users and they are KDE 4.8.3 and LibreOffice 3.5.3, a maintenance release that brings bug fixes and also translations updates to two big open source projects.

KDE 4.8.3 brings improvements to the Kontact Suite, bugfixes in Dolphin and many more corrections and performance improvements all over the place, while LibreOffice 3.5.3 is at their latest maintenance release which will be followed with LibreOffice 3.6. I think the new version will be much more interesting as there are 10 students who will work on new features, thanks to Google Summer of Code:
Ten of the new developers are Google Summer of Code 2012 students, who will work at developing the following features:
  • Calc performance improvements;
  • Lightproof improvements;
  • collaborative spreadsheet editing using Telepathy;
  • a Microsoft Publisher import filter;
  • a signed PDF export;
  • a smartphone remote control;
  • a new UI for picking templates;
  • a Java based GUI for an Android viewer;
  • an improved Impress SVG export filter;
  • tooling for more and better tests.

For KDE packages, you can get it on one of this mirrors:

For LibreOffice package, you can get it on one of this mirrors:

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