GuvcView 1.6.0 SlackBuild

I have just pushed an update to my GuvcView SlackBuild into my SlackHacks repository. It's now designed to work with Guvcview-1.6.0, the latest major release of guvcview and since it now has support for PulseAudio, the requirement for this package has been updated in the README.

Please make sure you read them before compiling. Failing to give proper configure option when you don't have PulseAudio package installed on your system will give you an infinite loop. I guess the configure script need to be updated upstream to better support PulseAudio detection.

I also changed the extension name for packages created by my SlackBuild. Now, it uses .txz instead of .tgz. Since it's designed for Slackware-Current, there won't be any problem with these changes since it should have full support of LZMA.

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