Downloading VMWare Tools 8.8.2 Manually

I just noticed that VMWare Workstation 8.0.3 didn't come with the VMWare Tools that is used to enhances the performance of the virtual machine's guest operating system and improves management of the virtual machine. If you don't have VMWare Tools installed, then you might suffer from the following problems:
  • Low video resolution
  • Inadequate color depth
  • Incorrect display of network speed
  • Restricted movement of the mouse
  • Inability to copy and paste and drag-and-drop files
  • Missing sound 
If the VMWare prompted to download and install VMWare Tools 8.8.2 (the latest one available currently) and failed to download them, don't loose hope. You can still download them manually from the vendor itself. Visit this URL and pick the correct build (currently it's 703057) and from the directory, you can travel down to get the Windows/Linux version of the VMWare Tools from packages directory.

To install the VMWare Tools, you need to read the VMWare Tools Installation Guide (PDF).

Hope this helps

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