Slackware Remaster Edition

There's a new remaster edition of Slackware-Current called Exton-Slack Linux. It's not made by Pat, but by other person. The target of this distribution is to provide easy-to-manage Linux distribution which tries to model how Ubuntu Linux works in Slackware-based distribution.

The latest release of Exton-Slack was made yesterday which was called SlackEX 13.37 Xfce4/Razor-qt Live DVD. It's based on the latest Slackware-Current, but the author upgraded the Linux Kernel to 3.3.1 and also XFCE to 4.8. It also include Razor-Qt 0.4.1, a lightweight DE which is based on Qt, the same technology used to build KDE, and FluxBox 1.3.2.

Exton-Slack has a nice installer script called Slack-Installer which can be used to install this distribution to hard drive. It's best to put this image into USB stick so that you can bring it anywhere you go and you can save your documents on it. Make sure you have enough space on your stick.

The kernel being used is based on the huge kernel on Slackware-Current. That means it will have most of the modules loaded at startup. This way, it will surely detect most of the hardware that you used in your system.

For full information about this release, please visit the official announcement (it's in Swedish).

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