Slackel: Another Spin of Slackware Current

Another Linux distribution that is using Slackware-Current is the base has been released. It's called Slackel and it's developed by Dimitris in Greek. It offers a variety of options for the users, such as ISO installation images and live CD/DVD.

The latest release of Slackel includes the latest Slackware-Current packages plus an additional KDE 4.8.2 and also Calligra Suite 2.4 which was released few days ago (Eric has built them for Slackware-Current users).

This distribution uses Salix's graphical system tool and also utilize slapt-get and GSlapt as their package management besides the traditional pkgtools. It's like a combination of Slackware and Salix to provide a stable and easy to use Linux distribution.

The root password for the live CD is “live”. Standard user login is “one” with no password

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