Poll Results

It's been two months since my last poll and as usual, i will announce the results and make a new poll for the upcoming month. Most of the voters agreed that Slackware runs fast on their machine. It might not the fastest one out there, but in general, Slackware has a good reputation of being a fast distribution.

If you want to use faster Linux distribution, i would suggest you to try ArchLinux or Gentoo Linux. They are well known for optimized Linux distribution. They are also a rolling release distribution, meaning that they are always bleeding edge in terms if package releases, but sometimes there are times when certain packages can break your system. In Gentoo, users mostly build their package from source and they have a lot of options regarding what optimizations they are going to apply on their system.

Since i'm in Malaysia right now,i have some problem of posting new poll, so for this month, i'm not going to make a new poll. I will continue with the new poll starting next month when i have come back to Indonesia. Stay tune for future poll :)

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