Fixing Amarok "No Track Playing" Bug

AmaroK is my favorite multimedia player besides MPlayer. They have done a great job porting to Qt4 (IMHO) and make every release even better than previous version.

One bug that i encountered in the past is that i always got "No track playing" message after AmaroK finished playing one track. Even though i still have lots of entries in my playlist, AmaroK stopped after one song played.

If you encountered this kind of bug, here's my proposed solution:
  • install MPlayer, VLC, and Xine-Lib
  • change the backend (System > System Settings > Multimedia > Phonon > Backend) to MPlayer
  • restart AmaroK
See if this works for you. If it doesn't, try to change to other backend (VLC, GStreamer, or Xine-Lib)

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