digiKam 2.5.0 SlackBuild and GCC 4.7.0

After upgrading to the latest -Current update, one of the LQ member reported that digiKam is once again broken. Since i posted about an update to digiKam SlackBuild which should make digiKam 2.5.0 compilable on Slackware-Current, i'm curious to see if it affected my system. I tested my previous digiKam application on the system that is now running on latest GLIBC and GCC, and it still worked. So, the problem lies during compilation.

So i searched in Google and found this bug report along with the patch used to fix this problem. Right now, i'm working on the updated SlackBuild again and hopefully this time, it compiles perfectly on Slackware Current.

I will make an update to this blog post when i have completed the build process later on.

Update (1:30 PM): I have managed to build digiKam 2.5.0 on Slackware-Current. It seems that it requires some patches because of the changes in GCC and also in Boost which were upgraded few days ago.

So my digiKam SlackBuild is now updated with two additional patches. Please use my updated digiKam SlackBuild and patch1.diff don't forget to download the additional digikam-boost.patch and digikam-gcc4.7.0.patch. Run the SlackBuild and have some snacks because it will require some time to complete.

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