Security Updates: Firefox, Thunderbird, Seamonkey

All Mozilla packages are now being upgraded to the latest version. Firefox 11, Thunderbird 11, and Seamonkey 2.8 all have entered Slackware-Current tree along with a rare bsd-games rebuilt to fix typos and mtr also being upgrade.

Beside above updates, there's nothing particularly new in Slackware-Current development. I have a feeling that Pat might be waiting for Linux Kernel 3.3 to get released so that he could add it to next Slackware. Linux Kernel 3.3 should bring a lot of performance improvements over Linux Kernel 3.2 besides more hardware support and other interesting new features. See Top Features Of The Linux 3.3 Kernel by Phoronix for more information.

GCC 4.7 will also be released in the following weeks (if nothing breaks in the middle of it), so i guess it's kinda good combination to have it on Slackware as it supports the newest processors from Intel, Sandy Bridge, new compiler flags, and other optimizations that might improve Slackware's performance overall.

I believe the next Slackware release will be another great release. It should be the first release of Slackware utilizing Linux Kernel 3.x.

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