KDE 4.8.1 Monthly Update

It's been a month and it's time for KDE monthly update to be released by KDE Team. KDE 4.8.1 is the latest maintenance release that focuses on providing translations update and also bug fixes that were reported after KDE 4.8.0 was released. No new features are implemented on this release since new features will be part of the next major release of KDE which is scheduled be released on August according to the KDE 4.9 release schedule. It will be a perfect timing for me to use KDE 4.9 as new semester begins at the end of August. Hopefully most of the problem should be sorted out before new semester begins.

As always, Eric has compiled KDE 4.8.1 for Slackware-Current users and put them on his KTown repository that is mirrored into several servers, including my UKDW Repo Server.

Full credit should go to Eric, not me. Bug report should go upstream, but you can also post it on Eric's blog to let him know about it. Suggestions and comments about the packages should also be posted on Eric's blog for further enhancement or updates.

Download and enjoy the beautifully free KDE.

For your information, the total size of KDE 4.8.1 is getting bigger compared to previous edition (4.7.x). The x86 is now 785 MB and  x86_64 is 1,1 GB. In total, the KDE 4.8.1 packages + sources consumes around 3,4 GB (for both architecture)

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