GSB 3.2.2 Maintenance Patches

People working in GSB project has updated their repositories to add GNOME 3.2.2 maintenance patches. I actually missed this update because i didn't use GSB on my systems. I found out this update when running rsync script on my server. Here's the latest changelog:
Mon Jan 30 18:34:44 GMT 2012
  GNOME 3.2.2 maintenance patches.
patches/avahi-0.6.30-i486-2gsb.txz: Patched.
  Fix a potential problem where avahi could replace the /etc/HOSTNAME with
  incorrect information.  Thanks to Robby Workman for pointing out the problem
  and sending a patch.
patches/clutter-1.8.4-i486-1gsb.txz: Upgraded.
patches/packages/gjs-1.30.1-i486-1gsb.txz: Upgraded.
patches/packages/evolution-data-server-3.2.3-i486-1gsb.txz: Upgraded.
patches/packages/gnome-icon-theme-symbolic-3.2.2-i486-1gsb.txz: Upgraded.
patches/packages/gtkhtml-4.2.3-i486-1gsb.txz: Upgraded.
patches/packages/evolution-3.2.3-i486-1gsb.txz: Upgraded.
  Fixes numerous crashes.  For more information, see:
patches/packages/evolution-exchange-3.2.3-i486-1gsb.txz: Upgraded.
patches/packages/evolution-groupwise-3.2.3-i486-1gsb.txz: Upgraded.
patches/packages/gedit-3.2.6-i486-1gsb.txz: Upgraded.
patches/packages/gnome-nettool-3.0.1-i486-1gsb.txz: Upgraded.
patches/packages/mutter-3.2.2-i486-1gsb.txz: Upgraded.
  Fixes a major memory leak with gnome-shell.  For more information, see:
patches/packages/clutter-gst-1.4.6-i486-1gsb.txz: Upgraded.
patches/packages/libgee-0.6.4-i486-1gsb.txz: Upgraded.
patches/packages/gnome-shell- Upgraded.
  Fixes numerous crashes and brings improvements for the message tray.  For
  more information, see:
patches/packages/heimdal-libraries-1.5.2-i486-1gsb.txz: Upgraded.
  This contains two security fixes for the libtelnet library and for libkrb5
  checksums (2012-01-11, 2012-01-10). For more information, see:
  (* Security fix *)
testing/gnote-0.8.2-i486-1gsb.txz: Added.
testing/tdb-1.2.9-i486-1gsb.txz: Added.
  An upgraded tdb package is needed by rhythmbox;  this version of the library
  will conflict with the tdb in the samba package.  
testing/rhythmbox-2.95-i486-1gsb.txz: Added.

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