Bunch of Security Updates

Several pending security updates that has been around for few days are finally being released by Pat and some of this updates are backported to older Slackware releases up to Slackware-12.2. We also see some new updates on basic applications, such as alsa and hplip, and we will see more updates in the future.
Here's the summary of the latest update:
  • Glibc: rebuilt to fix CVE-2009-5029 
  • Alsa-*: upgraded to 1.0.25
  • sqlite: upgraded to 3.7.10 
  • hplip: upgraded to 3.11.12
  • httpd: upgraded to 2.2.22
  • php: upgraded to 5.3.10
  • proftpd: upgraded to 1.3.4a
  • vsftpd: upgraded to 2.3.5

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