Screenfetch is a bash script that shows your system information on the terminal as it's executed and also display your Linux distribution logos. Since it's a bash script, the only thing you need to do is to give it an execute permission and then put it on your PATH variables. In my case, i put it on my /usr/bin, but you can put it anywhere.

If you wanted to be displayed everytime you opened up your terminal, then put this line into the bottom part of your .bashrc (if you are using bash):
. /usr/bin/screenfetch
Notice the dot in front and there's a space gap between the dot and the executable script. Test it by close your terminal and fire up another one.

You can try to have a look on other distro's logo by using -D parameter, for example:
screenfetch -D 'ArchLinux'
screenfetch -D 'Mint'
screenfetch -D 'Ubuntu'

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