Poll Results

It's been 2 months since last poll was announced and since it's already start of a new month and year, it's time to announce the results. Without further ado, here they are:
Desktop 43 (46%)
Multimedia 39 (42%)
Networking 24 (26%)
Drivers 27 (29%)
Development 21 (22%)
Office 27 (29%)
Internet 21 (22%)
Libraries 19 (20%)
Publishing 8 (8%)
Others 13 (14%)

Even though Slackware has been quite aggresive on desktop section, most of the voters (nearly half of the 92 voters) pick the Desktop section need to be improved, followed by Multimedia section.

In my opinion, Slackware is a great combination between a desktop, server, and multimedia box since you can have it all in one full installation, without adding more packages (even though it's possible since everybody has it's own preferences). What new surprises will Pat bring this year? Only time can tell...

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