Good News From Eric

Eric Hameleers, one of the Slackware Team has posted an update on his blog, giving updates on what he has done in the past month and what to expect from him in the future. Just like the others, Eric didn't release a lot of updates lately, except for monthly KDE release and also updates on his packages (mainly weekly Calibre release). But that's what we only see in the front door.

In the back door, he has managed to put his time working on the future KDE 4.8 release which should be out this month and also OpenJDK problem as i mentioned before in my previous post. He has managed to compile OpenJDK with gcc-java compiler and upload this set of packages to Pat's server so he can have a look later on and if he agrees, he will surely add this to Slackware-Current branch in the future and we can have a shinny OpenJDK package running on the next Slackware release.

His biggest goal is to add Java support on ARMedslack, Slackware porting project for ARM architecture, which is none currently. Why bother? Well, ARM is now getting more popular and with the future release of Rasberry Pi, it's all getting more interested to see Slackware running on those devices. So far, the progress shown a good sign even though there are still a lot of entries in their TODO list.

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