Fixing Sound Startup on KDE

For those who have been playing with KDE 4.8.0 that was released yesterday, you might noticed that your KDE will not ring any sound when you logged in anymore. I noticed this earlier, but i thought that there was some backend problem and i haven't had time to find the solutions for this.

AJ Field commented on Eric's blog post about KDE 4.8.0 and pointed a thread at ArchLinux Forum which should solve the problem. I tried to use the solution written there and it really work like a charm.

The problem only lies in the directory reading on Notification settings (System Settings -> Applications and System Notifications). Previously, you mentioned only the filename, but in KDE 4.8.0, i guess it should have been a complete path, so the solution is simple, just browse the file and pick the same file and it will give you the full path.

I'll show you before and after i changed the path using these two screenshots below. The first screenshot is the original condition:

This is what i got after i browse the file and pick the same filename.

I only need to save the changes and it will be back to normal again once you logged out and logged in again.

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