Fixing Amarok Bug: Stop on Every Track

I didn't remember when i started to have this problem, but it's very annoying bug. Amarok will stop playing after it completed playing one track even though there are still a lot of files in the playlist. I assume it's another bug due to transition from previous release of Amarok that might caused this problem to surface.

Thanks to UbuntuForums, i found the solution and i tried it on my desktop and yes, it worked like charm. It seems my predictions was right and the solution is very simple, which is to remove the old configuration of Amarok by doing this steps (you might loose all your Amarok configuration):
mkdir ~/.kde/share/config/backup
mv ~/.kde/share/config/amarok* ~/.kde/share/config/backup/

Restart your Amarok and voila.... it will start playing all the playlist tracks

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