Pool Results

Two months have passed since the poll was posted and it's November, so it's time to move to another poll, but before that, i wanted to post the results of the previous poll.

Here are the results:
Alpine 6 (3%)
Mutt 24 (15%)
Thunderbird 62 (38%)
KMail 20 (12%)
SeaMonkey 6 (3%)
I don't use any email client 41 (25%)

Every email client applications that were supported in Slackware are being used. Most of them are using Thunderbird and KMail as GUI-based applications and Mutt as the preffered console-based application rather than Alpine.

Since Alpine is no longer developed by the upstream developer in University of Washington, i wanted to take this opportunity to ask Slackware users whether they are still using Alpine or not and based on this poll, Alpine is still being used (i'm also using Alpine for my office mail account) in small number of users. It's now up to Pat to decide whether to remove Alpine or continue to support it by moving to Re-Alpine project which is the continuation project of Alpine.

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