NetworkManager in KDE

Many Linux distribution has been using NetworkManager as their default application to configure networking (both wired and wireless). Why don't Slackware use this as well and stick with WICD? The simple answer might be "Since it works", but the more technical answer might be "Since NM (NetworkManager) depends on GNOME packages", which is not suitable to be included in Slackware since it has abandoned GNOME since 10.2 and the work of GNOME in Slackware has been delivered by the communities.

For those who have used NM and like it very much, Eric Hameleers has given you hope by rebuilding KDE (yes, KDE only guys) package (kde-workspace) to include support for NM in form of plasmoid (KDE widget) with all the GUI networkmanagement package. Everything you need is being placed under a test directory in his KTown repository. Why test? since it's still in early testing phase, even though it's stable enough.

Please note that you need to UPGRADE kde-workspace, not INSTALL. For the rest of the packages, you can safely install them using installpkg command.

As always, you can find those packages in these repositories:

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