Linux Kernel 3.1 and VMWare Workstation Patch

Yesterday, i posted about upgrading to VMWare Workstation 8 and today, i decided to upgrade to Linux Kernel 3.1, the latest Linux Kernel released by Linus Torvald after having 10 RC releases. I had to say i'm impressed with the new kernel as it took less time to build this new kernel. In the past, i usually spend around 1 hour to build and now it takes roughly 35 minutes to buildYahoo

When i rebooted, i reinstalled NVidia driver (285.05.09), VirtualBox, and also re-probing my sound card. One thing that confused me was that i had no sound after i logged in to my KDE. After searching a bit, it seems that the new kernel modified my sound level, so i have to re-adjust it again with alsamixer and set the Headphone to have bigger number and we're back in business.

Last configuration i had to take is to find a patch for my new VMWare Workstation 8 which is not yet fully compatible with Linux Kernel 3.1. Some of the modules are buildable, but not all of them. I quickly browsed and found a working patch, thanks to ArchLinux communities who had updated their Wiki to include a patch for Linux Kernel 3.1rc (it's working fine in the final release as well).

Here's the step by step
cd /tmp
chmod +x
./ (as root)
It's now working flawlessly with the new shinny Linux Kernel 3.1

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