Minor KDE Updates

Eric has updated his KDE packages with small changes related to virtuoso that can caused a misleading encoding information in unicode pathnames. He followed this bug report and then applied this patch to fix the problem. If you used Eric's KDE 4.7.1 packages, make sure you sync with the latest update and update your packages.

Another change in KDE packages is libbluedevil. He forgot to add alien as the suffix into this package to make it different with official Slackware package. He fixed this in the latest update along with the virtuoso package.

Update (20:29 PM): Eric has made a new post regarding this new update and it seems i missed one package which was added after i made this post. The new package is kde-workspace and it was added because there's a serious bug affecting KDE's performance when more windows are open on the desktop. Eric applied a patch from Martin Graesslin to fix the problem. This bug affects all KDE 4 version back to KDE 4.0, which is considered quite serious to KDE developers.

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