There's Hope for KDE 4.7.0 in Slackware

Few months ago there was a doubt that Slackware will abandon KDE just as it abandoned GNOME few years ago due to maintenance burden. Eric, who maintained KDE SlackBuild posted a question about KDE's release policy to split the big packages into modular releases that creates more burden to the packagers (including him) and decided not to create any KDE SlackBuild at the moment until the final decision is out.

KDE 4.7.0 is out for few weeks and still no sign of KDE 4.7.0 will make it into Slackware-Current until today as Eric has posted a great news for KDE fans that he is working on it and testing his KDE SlackBuild as we speak and he's already running on KDE 4.7.0 on his Slackware64-Current machine. Besides the usual packages, KDE 4.7.0 will have quite a lot of new packages. I was hoping to have DigiKam included on his set of KDE packages even though i have built them myself. It's such a nice and great open source application that you shouldn't miss.

If there are no showstoppers, it will be out next week at Desktop Summit event in Berlin. It should be a great presents from Eric to Slackware users around the world.

Again, thank you Eric for your big efforts on compiling, testing, and debugging KDE SlackBuild Applause

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