Security Update: PHP

PHP has just released two updates in the last few days and the last update was a quick update due to two serious regressions that was found after PHP 5.3.7 has been released to the public, which is fixed in the later 5.3.8.

Slackware responded this update by upgrading all PHP packages to the PHP-5.3.8 and this update travels back to Slackware-11.0. The reason for this is because PHP-5.2.x branch is no longer being supported by the upstream and nor the Slackware team is able to maintain it as well, so they decided to move forward by supporting the latest PHP package available from the source.

Another interesting news in -Current is the new package called soma, a command-line based radio player which is now an official Slackware package and also Firefox 7 Beta 1 gets included as well in testing/. By the time next Slackware is released, this version will eventually become stable, so it would be great to have this version available on testing/ for now.

Java has been updated to Update 27 as well, but i'm hoping that Slackware will support Java 7 by the time it's released. Java 7 brings more features and so far, i don't see any regression found after installing Java 7 by using a BIN package from Oracle. In most of the cases, it's backward-compatible release.

Last thing, a new updated kernel-firmware package has been taken from the GIT and compiled for -Current users. It should brings some fresh updated firmware from the latest revision from the kernel developers.

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