New Start

Slackware-Current has been stalling for some time, but a new start is now progressing as of today. The default boot loader used in Slackware, lilo is now upgraded as well as sqlite. It is now compiled using two additional parameters as described in the Changelog.

Htop package is now being included in the default package in -Current after being suggested by Michal Dorocinski. It's a nice and simple application to watch process-related on your system without having to use any GUI apps since it's ncurses-based. Emacs is also upgraded to the latest version.

Several Mozilla products (Firefox, Thunderbird, Seamonkey) are now being upgraded, but since it's still in Beta version, it's still placed under /testing. Please be careful if you decided to play with it, even though i'm pretty sure it's a safe upgrade for most people (except for some people who used an old extensions).

It's a slow start, but i believe more packages will come in the next few days (or weeks) rock on!

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