Linux Kernel 3.0.1 and VMWare Patch

Last night, i attempted to build my first Linux Kernel 3.0.1 on my desktop at home. This is my third attempt on Linux Kernel 3.0 build after the previous two attempts on my workstation ended with a kernel panic message even though i follows the standard procedure i used to do in the past. Probably a misconfiguration problem. This time, i tried a different method. I build the kernel as much the same with the one i used in Linux Kernel 2.6.39, so i minimized the changes. In most questions answered, i pick N(o) as the answer, except for the RTC (Real Time Clock) which happened to be needed for Linux Kernel 3.0.x to build.

Since i have work to do last night, i didn't have time to reboot the computer, so i went to bed afterwards. This morning, i woke up and tried to reboot the machine and it boots back normally when i picked Linux-3.0.1. I was so happy and after logged in, i reinstalled my VirtualBox (stayed with 4.0.12 since having issues with 4.1 for now) and NVidia drivers (upgraded to 280.13). All went well and the last thing to do is to find VMWare patch for Linux Kernel 3.0.x branch.

So far, the only patch i could found is located on this blog. There are several versions of the patch, but the one working on my machine is patch version 3. Since this patch is a well-refined patch for Linux Kernel 2.6.39, you will have some FAILED message while patching if you have previously patched your VMWare source against Linux Kernel 2.6.39, but that's fine.

After patching it, you can try to run this command to recompile VMWare on your terminal
vmware-modconfig --icon="vmware-workstation" --appname="vmware"
This is on my machine
willysr@desktop:~$ uname -a

Linux desktop 3.0.1-smp #2 SMP Mon Aug 8 21:26:31 WIT 2011 i686 Pentium(R)
Dual-Core CPU E5300 @ 2.60GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux

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