Facebook Export on Digikam 2.0

One of the feature i like from digiKam is it's ability to export to Facebook directly thanks to Kipi-Plugins. I don't have to upload them one by one, but i can do bulk upload and leave them uploading while i'm sleeping.

On digiKam 2.0.0 release, Kipi-Plugins are now being included in the digiKam 2.0.0 source, so there's no need to compile two packages anymore. Today, i checked my digiKam 2.0.0 and see if there's new plugins, but i realized that Export to Facebook menu is no longer exist. Then i checked digiKam README but found no information about it. Next, i checked Kipi-Plugins README and i found out that i need qjson as the requirement to Export to Facebook.

In the end, i have to recompile digiKam after installing qjson (thanks to SlackBuilds) in order to recognize the library and thus it enables Export to Facebook plugin again Yahoo

So if you decided to upgrade to digiKam 2.0.0 and above, please have a look on both README (mostly the Kipi-Plugin README) to make sure your previous Kipi-Plugins dependencies has been met to save your time recompiling digiKam.

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