Poll Results

It's been two months and now it's time to recap the poll results. There are 134 voters for this poll and i thank you all who have voted for this, so without further ado, here are the final results: 2 (1%) 64 (47%) 33 (24%)
2.6.39-rc4 2 (1%)
Custom Kernel 33 (24%)

Nearly 50% of the voters decided to use the default kernel shipped with Slackware 13.37. It seems that they believe in Pat's choice. I also believe this is the best option at the time Slackware 13.37 was released, even though 2.6.38 has been released.

24% chose to pick, which supports better hardware and also provides better performance if combined with the correct xorg, mesa, and intel driver package, but there's a power consumption problem spotted on this release by Michael Larabel of Phoronix.

Another 24% picked to build custom kernel for their machine. I think Slackware's kernel configuration is nearly perfect for day to day configuration, but some people (like me for example) wanted to optimize the kernel or even trimming down the unneeded modules or filesystems, so we end up tweaking the kernel configuration to have different configuration and build it by ourself.

I would like to thank to all voters and see you in the next poll

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