KDE SC 4.7.0 Released

As planned, KDE SC 4.7.0 is now officially released!!!

It's another major upgrade for KDE and this release will have a monthly updates as usual, so if you don't really think .0 release is stable enough for you, you can wait for their first update next month to bring you bug fixes and translations updates which should be sufficient for you to consider and wait for others to review and test this release first.

KDE SC 4.7.0 brings quite a lot of improvements compared to KDE 4.6.x. Here are some of them:
  • Plasma Workspaces Become More Portable and able to run on OpenGL ES supporting hardware
  • Better KDE/GTK integration and well polished icons through Oxygen icons and Oxygen GTK
  • Experimental support for NetworkManager 0.9
  • KDE-Telepathy is being integrated into desktop
  • Dolphin receive lots of improvements, including deeper integration with source code management systems
  • Marble has voice navigation support, a map creation wizard, and new plug-ins
  • Gwenview is now able to compare images
  • KDevelop gained support for predefined indentation styles, Python interpreter using Kross, improved Python auto-completion and support for lex/yacc file extensions.
  • Improved Kate with more plugins
  • DigiKam 2.0 brings face detection and recognition, image versioning support, and geotagging
  • VLC is now considered a stable and preferred back-ends and so does GStreamer (Linux only)
  • GRUB2 support on KDM, enables users to pick which OS to boot on the next boot sequence
  • Improved KIO Proxy, including SOCKS proxy support and multiple proxy URL addresses
It might take some time before Eric or Pat releases KDE 4.7.0 packages for Slackware-Current users as KDE is now partly switching to modular release (the full migration will likely be done in KDE SC 4.8), thus it requires more time to adapt the SlackBuild scripts to build KDE SC 4.7.0.

Be patient. Give Eric some time to work on KDE SC 4.7.0 time out

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