KDE 4.6.5 Released

Another KDE monthly update and this time, it will KDE 4.6.5 and this release should be the last release of KDE 4.6.x series before KDE starts focusing on KDE 4.7 in the future.

As usual, Eric Hameleers has been so generously providing Slackware users with a precompiled KDE 4.6.5 Slackware packages on his mirrors and now it has been mirrored in several places.

Since Slackware-Current has moved on and there were some incompatible changes (mostly in Perl), it's safer for you to upgrade to Slackware-Current if you want to use Eric's packages or if you want to be safe, you can compile KDE by downloading the sources only and start the SlackBuild script (beware, it's very time and resource consuming).

You can start downloading/mirroring those packages from these repositories:

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