How to Merge .001 Files

Sometimes, when we downloaded a file which has big size (say over 500 MB), the provider often split them into several parts using a splitter program. There are a lot of applications that can do this so easily. The problem is how to merge them back?

Today, i downloaded a file which was split and comes with .001 and .002 format. From the format, i can see that it was a file that was split by using HJSplit tool (or any tool that results with the same format) and since it was on my server, it doesn't come up with GUI and i can only use SSH to remotely connect to the server. I couldn't ran any HJSplit tool since it doesn't have any X Server, so i have to think of another option.

Well, it seems that there is a command line version of HJSplit called LXSplit made by Richard Stellingwerff and O. Sezer. I used the SlackBuild script to compile and install them as usual using installpkg and by using this simple command line, i'm able to merge the .001 and .002 files together:
lxsplit -j filename.001

If you want to split a big file (say slackware.bin with 1GB in size) into 100MB part each, you can use this command
lxsplit -s slackware.bin 100MB

Simple right?

Who says that you can't do much in command line?big grin

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