Security Update: Firefox

Firefox 5 has been released and now it's being included in Slackware 13.37 (comes in patches/ directory) and also in -Current, while the previous version gets an older Firefox version (3.6.18). This update is considered a security update.

Java Runtime and Development Kit are now upgraded to Update 26 as well. This should fix several problems mentioned on my previous post. Unfortunately, these updates goes only at -Current, so if you want to apply for previous version of Slackware, you will have to grab the source and recompile it on your own system.

Another improvements made to -Current is ghostscript, which is now upgraded to 9.02. Pat is welcoming any reports about this update suppose you find any problems with this new version. Some people has reported that this version has lots of improvements compared to the previous one, so he's considering to apply this in Slackware 13.37 as well if nothing goes wrong in -Current.

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